Canon Digital Copier Dealers and Distributors in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane India.

Canon Digital Copier is now within your reach with it exclusive range and features. This is available in India at Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Navi Mumbai and Thane in India. The best gets even better with the digital angle to it. Cross convergence of technology in hardware brings out the best only for the consumers to get efficient and meet any business challenges. Collation of documents would be one of the greatest advantages that the digital aspect of the copier could give. This is a boost to the time saving and optimizing option that automation breeds in today date of advance technology.

Canon Digital Copier enhances the look of the copy as the closest of all to the original. The G3 modem technology in some latest models allows the transmitting of the pages in range of a minuscule time frame of six seconds. The quality of text and graphics in terms of its output is quite superior while the price remains economical, operations remain simple and the output given is exceptional. It Instantly starts its operation with no time lag in warming up unlike other brands. Various models give variety in the output of Dots per inches, plus same model gives internal options of different dots per inches as per the demand of the job.

The popular ranges given by Canon Digital Copier are twelve hundred by six hundred dots per inches (1200 x 600 dpi) or the more common six hundred by six hundred dots per inches (600 x 600 dpi). The collating is a unique feature in these digital copiers that facilitate the sorting / collating the documents electronically once copied. ADF a 50 sheet automatic document feeder is a special feature of this copier that makes this copier exclusive. Some advanced machines give options of printing both sides as well while some rely on single cartridge system which is a compact unit that consists of cleaning unit toner and drum in a compact structure identified as cartridge. Each design is designed with a actual user(s) kept in the background for the final and real execution and operation of the units.

Canon Digital Copier are also available in multifunctional modes which would also include a color scanner, fax and printer along with the copier. Such options make the variety of the choices to choose from very rich and enhanced. There are superior models too designed with heavy paper holding capacity with the ranges from Three Hundred and Thirty sheets up to a maximum of One Thousand and Fifty sheets of paper at a given point of time. The speed variations are available in different models ranging from sixteen copies per minute to 20 copies per minute. The converged technology of scan to file capabilities converged with excellent digital copies as a unit in copiers give a world class documentation solution with a boon to companies who feed on backend process and companies who required to maintain a marathon data in hard format.

In short Canon Digital Copier makes automation simple and interesting.

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